PBR – Community Supported Program

Some of our community members required a special assistance to be able to remove or rescue a bee colony. For that we have created PBR programme to help those community members, for example people who are with disability or financial hardship, you are welcome to fill the below form either to enquire a service or Donation.

What We Offer

Whether you have a swarm (newly arrived bees with no honeycomb present) hanging on a tree limb or a well-established beehive in your roof, Desert Swarm has the experience, expertise, knowledge, and equipment necessary to diagnose and safely conduct bee removals at any location.

We often remove bees from the following places:

Tree Limbs, Shrubs, Roofs, Chimneys, Sheds, Parapet Walls, Dog houses, Trash Cans, Irrigation Valve Boxes, Tires, Vehicles, Perimeter Walls, Tree Hollows, BBQ Pits, Compost Bins and Others…

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